Walking babe sample

This is illustration of Skin/Bone animation. The second sample has model rendered with wire frame material and added bone visualization.

You can reproduce this sample by yourself.

  1. Take this blender model
  2. Load it into Blender 3D modeling tool and export into COLLADA 1.4 file
  3. With 'Dae2Xc3' utility convert into fig.xc3 file.
  4. Use Cast3D 'Sample' code to visualize it.

Before exporting file from Blender you'll need to install updated (fixed) COLLADA export scripts.

Detach camera (check 'Show Camera' box) and use controls:

Rotate: Left-Mouse-Drag, Pan: Ctrl+Left-Mouse-Drag, Zoom In/Out: Shift+Left-Mouse-Drag, or Mouse-Wheel

Powered by Papervision3D rendering engine. Model is courtesy of Brad Roodt brad@rustpunk.co.za