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Collision detection sample

This is a sneak preview of some new features of upcoming Cast3D 0.98 release. The demo sample visualized collision with bounding boxes of moving3D objects.

Bone scaling

 Skeleton bone scaling


 Collision visualization sample

Uploading 3D files on fly

Here is new example with explanations that describes how to upload cast3D data files on fly and place then into current scene.


loading extra files could be very useful technique to if you need to augment scene according to a stroy line.

 Sub-loading 3d files sample

Smooth Motion transitions and Blending samples

With recently introduced motion blending functionality in Cast3D framework, some neat features become available like smooth transitions between motions and combining a number motions into single one.

Camera attachment to 3D object sample

A useful technique of attaching camera to a walking character is illustrated. Use navigation controls to apply motions to the model.

Camera Attachment and Motion sample

Smooth Motion transitions sample

In this sample, transitions between 'walk', 'wave' and 'jump' motions is demonstrated. Use navigation controls to apply motions to the model.

 Smooth Motion transitions sample

Motion Blending sample

In this sample, the clone of the original model is created, then 'walk' and 'wave' motions combined and used as 'walk' motion. Both instances motion can be controlled by a user. Use TAB key to switch control between instances.

 Motion Blending sample

Cloning sample

In this sample a new instance of skinned model is created and animated along with original. Both instances motion can be controlled by a user. Use TAB key to switch control between instances.

 cloned walking lady sample

Interactive animation sample

Same skinned model with animation controlled by a user. Useful sample for gaming. This is a Blender model file, exported to Collada Dae file and imported to Cast3d. With a new import features motion groups ( walk, jump) were extracted into a separate files and attached to character with <include> statement.

User control over the motion is supported with a new navigation utility classes.

 interactive walking lady sample  skeleton walking lady sample

COLLADA imported Samples

Skin animation sample

This sample demonstrates Skin/Bone animation. It also shows how to create this kind of output with step by step instructions, starting from Blender model file, then export Collada Dae file and finally to Cast3d.

 walking lady sample

Laptop sample

Blender 2.45 model has been exported into COLLADA 1.4 Laptop.dae file and then with 'Dae2Xc3' utility into .xc3 file.

 laptop sample

Plane sample

This is Blender model exported into Collada 1.4 plane file and and then converted into xc3 format.. plane sample

New Feature Demo

Camera motion visualization

With latest code update few visualization features were introduced. Source code is available for download with samples. This demo sample is built with Papervision3D 2.0 support, which was also added with latest code.

Click on image to see demo:

camera motion

MD2 Animated Models

Take a look ( and listen) at cool morphing animations. Some models may be a little bit heavy, so please be patient. Click on image to start.

Md2 animated Cyber model Md2 animated Dr. Freak model Md2 animated alien model

Molecule Model

Demonstrates material color interpolation along with object motion, imported from (.3ds) file. Molecule model

Multi Key-Frame Scene

This sample shows more two scenes or key frames.

Planes fly